Follow These 6 Steps When Claiming Your Travel Insurance

You may sometimes consider to get stung by the jellyfish while you are swimming at the Auckland beach during the holiday drama. What about when you missed the connecting flight from the United States due to the delay in the city of Hong Kong?

Well, just waiting until you try to make the ill-prepared travel insurance claims, and it will make a drama you’re claiming for to feel like the spa visit. Anybody who is bothered of reading your own travel insurance policy actually knows how different terms and the conditions, the limitations and the exclusions they are. It is really anybody’s guess on how much you are covered for when something just happens to you during or before the trip. But, because you bought the travel insurance, you need to definitely try getting much as possible. Here are about 6 steps for one use when making the travel insurance claim.

1. Contact the Insurer immediately

Depending on the policy which you have, there is a time limit on to how long one will wait to give the written notice concerning the intention of claim. Usually it is 30 days, but also then you should not be taking a time. You need to remember that you can require to get others being involved, like your GP or the police, and this can take time.

2. Make sure you have completed filling up right claim form

Not all the travel claim forms are actually made equal. Ensure you understand what you’re claiming for when you are claiming on the medical grounds, or when there was the delay or the cancellation, or when it is both. Selecting the correct form is very important because when leaving any of the blanks in that form can cause delays in a claim process.

You need note that, for the claims which are the result of the illness, the injury or the death, you can require the GP or the Specialist for filling up the sections of a form on your behalf. Actually this means even when you’re claiming for the travel cancellation because of the sickness, you can require getting the GP or the Specialist for certifying that the illness didn’t exist, or you were not alert of it, before you booked the trip.

3. Get all the supporting documents set

This is a part which you are needed to pay great attention to. Leave any of the supporting documents out will delay a claim process or it can also worsen it which will cause you to having the insufficient proof for proceeding with a claim.

Other than the completed claim forms and the copy of a policy or certificate of the insurance, you need to also include the passport or itinerary for proving that you had once travelled or made the travel plans. After that there is the whole list for supporting the documents you will be needed to give out depending to the type of the claim you are making. For instance, for any of the medical-related claim, you can require receipts and the original bills, the medical report or the inpatient discharge for the summary, and a proof of a length of the stay in a hospital. Essentially, these are the three types of the documents which all prove different features of a same event. Missing out one will mean forgetting about claiming.

In a case of missing the flight because of the misconnection, the flight diversion or the worse, overbooking, you will be required to get the letter from an airline describing that situation. The insurer is not going to be one chasing them out of it. You may be required to follow up the airline for the written confirmation which precisely describes reasons for a missed flight and a length of a delay.

4. Be well prepared for weird requests

If at one time you were a victim of the crime when in overseas then you actually need the proof of an event. If you are fortunate, essentially this can be easy despite a trauma of an event, you may have given the statement to the understanding officer of a law in the language you are fluent with and they can readily offer you with the police report which clearly states accurately what have happened.

Concerning the Murphy’s Law, in the worst case situation, you will be needed to translator and you will encounter the police officer who will not give you the proper police reports unless you have paid him the fee. Since the travel insurance claim actually depends to the police report, you are kind of the screwed in either way.

5. You need wait but not that long

The toughest part is not when submitting the travel insurance claim but it is when deciding on how long you are to wait before when you start to pester the insurer for the update. Typically, the claims take one week to one month for the processing. The thing you need to do is ensuring that they have received the supporting document.

If you have not heard something from them for those two weeks, you need definitely to pro-active and then contact the insurer. The final thing you need to hear is they require this support document or the support document before they began to process your claim.

6. Appeal

Let be honest in this area. There is at all times the conflict of the interests when making the insurance claim. The agenda is how to get more compensation. The insurance company has the agenda of reducing your claim as possible. Actually there are actually many tricks which the insurance company will do to lower their own liability. They actually twist meaning of the policy as they wish. By this don’t allow them to persuade you that they’re not accountable for the claim.

Do not forget comparing different travel insurance plans before you buy the one for the trip. When this all look very complicated and tiresome, belief us when we actually say you can be recovering from the holiday drama faster at once when you see the claim amounts is coming in. It cannot take away a pain of the jellyfish sting as it will give you sufficient money for flying back to a beach and then take the revenge once you have recovered.

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